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The TUtility Components
Paradox Table Verify & Repair Components

for Delphi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and C++ Builder 1,3,4 & 5.

TTUtility Support
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TUtility Support Files
The TUtility component from O & A Productions gives the Delphi applications developer all the tools necessary to verify and repair Paradox tables and maintain Paradox table indexes.

Now there's an answer to data corruption problems that does not include the words "all nighter". TTUtility is a Delphi component that implements the functionality in Borland's TUtility.DLL, the same DLL that comes with Paradox for Windows. The primary purpose of this component is to give the Delphi or Paradox developer an easy to implement tool for validating and fixing corrupt Paradox tables from inside delivered applications. The TUtility DLL on which this component is based will work on Paradox tables up to and including level 7 tables. Yes, It repairs Paradox 7 tables.

The TUtility component completely implements all the functionality in Borland's table repair DLL (TUTILITY.DLL or TUTIL32.DLL). Now you can easily implement table verify and repair functionality in you applications. This component library also includes a bonus component to quickly determine if an index is out of date and if so regenerate it.

Whether you are a contracted consultant or an internal dB administrator, TTUtility is a must for your component pallet and your personal well being.


bulletFully implements Borland's TUtility API in an easy to use Delphi Component.
bulletContains separate Verify and Rebuild execution methods.
bulletSupports Borrowed Table structures for Rebuilds.
bulletUses canned or customized status gauges (all callbacks are supported).
bulletProvides all the analytical information necessary to choose the correct rebuild method.
bulletIncludes a dialog box component that makes adding table repair functionality a snap.
bulletIncludes complete and installable component help.
bulletSpecial bonus component provides for checking and regenerating out of date Indexes.

You also get three demonstration projects, one for single table verify/rebuild, one for batch table verify/rebuild and one that shows how to check and regenerate out of date indexes. These projects have been specifically designed to drop into existing Delphi applications with little or no modification.

Use the TUtility component to add verify and rebuild capabilities to your Paradox/Delphi applications. You can even create safe, multi-table, "as you sleep", batch verify and rebuild jobs.

Note that not all table corruption is repairable - sometimes a table will be in such a corrupted state that the only method of restoring that table is from a backup. We recommend making periodic backup copies of your data.

The TUtility component is actually a suite of 6 components, including the main TTUtility component, two canned status dialog components, one batch repair dialog component, and a bonus index verification and regeneration component.

All this adds up to fast and easy. Really, quite RAD!

Download the Demo Today !

The demonstration/shareware version of this components is fully functional inside the Delphi environment. Attempt's to run an application that uses this component will fail as a stand-a-lone executable. If you find this control useful and would like to use it in your applications you must order the regular version.

Note that the 16 bit version of the TUtility component uses TUTILITY.DLL which is the same DLL used by the 16 bit versions of Paradox, while the 32 bit version of the component uses TUTIL32.DLL which is the same DLL used in Paradox  for Windows 95 and NT. These DLLs are freely distributable just like the BDE dlls.

How to Order

Only $49(U.S.)(Calf. residents + 7.5% SST), you will receive the full version with source code plus any updates for the next year. MasterCard, Visa. and American Express are all accepted through the PayPal payment gateway. The component will be sent to you by Internet e-mail.

If you have any questions about ordering or have technical question contact us at ... , but check our Tech Support Pages first..          


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