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Speech Components for Delphi & C++ Builder

Welcome to the home of DTalk, a set of speech enabling components for Delphi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and C++ Builder 3, 4 and 5. Build SAPI 4 compliant applications with speech recognition and synthesis using brand new features including easier Continuous Dictation support, Voice Command Menus, in code grammar compilation, and much much more. Download the new demo today. We also still have the original DTalk 1 and 2  available for Delphi 2. [Feature Details]

Speech Primer

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Windows 2000


Complete DTalk VCL Components set with source code only $149 (US Dollars)

DTalk3 for Delphi 7 now available!

Download the DTalk3 for Delphi  3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and C++Builder 3, 4, 5 today. This is a major upgrade with new components, new demo projects, and significant improvements in performance, stability and ease of use.

DTalk currently only works with SAPI 4 (we are working on a SAPI 5 version) speech engines and is based on the SAPI 4 SDK. You can download the FREE  MS speech engines from Microsoft has made these speech engines available for free and freely re-distributable. We highly recommend that you download the suite as this will give you everything you need in one go.

If you are new to speech technology then check out the Speech Primer for a quick overview.

Microsoft research announces [Story] 

To add speech to a Delphi or BCB application you need the DTalk components, plus a text-to-speech engine and or a speech recognition engine. Download DTalk and link to engine sources from our Download page.

Since DTalk implements SAPI, your application will work with any of  a large selection of different vendors speech engines. Our speech links page list engine vendors and more.

The microphone is very important in speech recognition. Check out our microphone page .





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