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Short Descripion
TUtility - Paradox Table Repair components for Delphi & C++ Builder.

Long Description
A set of native Delhph and C++ Builder components that implement Borland's Paradox table repair API (TUTILITY). Allows developers to easily add Paradox table repair and verification to their applications. Batch table verify and repair made easy. Includes 5 components and 4 demo projects.

Really Long Description
The TUtility components provide a complete set tools for implementing Paradox table verify and repair. Based on Borland table repair API, (TUtility) it uses the same, Borland supplied, DLL as Paradox. Works will all windows table versions and some DOS table versions. Components include; a table verify component, an index check and update component, 2 process status dialog components and complete verify and repair application in a dialog component. Also includes 4 demonstration projects that show everything from simple single file verify and repair to more complex batch verify and repair.

    Pallette bitmap for the verify and rebuild component.

    Pallette bitmap for the index check and update component.

        Process status dialog component pallette bitmaps.

wpe1.jpg (946 bytes)    Verify and Repair Dialog pallette bitmap.

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