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The latest news on the TUTIL32.DLL from Inprise is "The TUTILITY.DLL for 5.0 will work with BDE 5.01 and all future versions of the BDE as well."  This comes from Quinn Wildman at Inprise. The full text of our discussion follows.
TUtility v5.00
TUtility v4.51
TUtility v4.50
TUtility v4.01
TUtility v4.0
TUtility v3.5
TUtility v3.12
TUtility v3.11

(Delphi 1 only)
TUtility v2.52
TUtility v2.50

The Real Story on TUTIL32.DLL

(the TUTIL Switch Project )

O&A : Hi Quinn, I recently received an email from a customer who passed on to me a message in which you state that the TUTIL32.DLL version 5.00 will work with BDE version 5.01 and all future version of the BDE. Since this is a very common question for us I'd like to post this info on our web site. I just wanted to confirm with you that this is really the case.

Quinn : The information is correct. As a matter of fact, TUTIL32.DLL has not been changed in years, probably not since 3.5. Technically, the dll is not a supported tool.

O&A : Interesting, actually, I kind of suspected as much, but why did Borland keep releasing new versions (version 4.0, version 4.01, version 4.50 etc)? I was told at one point that the creation of the TUTIL32.DLL was an automatic side effect of a complete product build of the BDE. In fact, I was told, in no uncertain terms, that if we didn't match the TUTIL32.DLL with the same version of the BDE that very bad things would happen.

Quinn : Yes, I heard this story too. I believe it is a myth passed down from somewhere. Maybe it was true at one time. It does appear that creating TUTIL32.DLL is a side effect of a complete product build. No source code changes have been made in a long time though. I'm pretty certain any changes were a result of changes in the compiler. In fact, I see a TUTIL with a new time stamp that I can upload. Didn't even know it was there until now. :) However, I don't plan to upload it because it just perpetuates the myth. I think I will change the web page to say it doesn't have to match the BDE version though.

End Discussion.

bulletFor versions of the BDE prior to 3.50 you need to match the BDE version with the TUTILITY DLL version (either TUTIL32.DLL or TUTILITY.DLL

Download the latest help file for the TUtility component set - Tu_int.hlp. The keyword file for Delphi 1 & 2 is Tu_int.kwf.You can also download a printable version of the documentation - Tu_words.doc.

TTutility Home
Additional notes for Delphi 1.x (16 bit)

With the release of Paradox 7, versioning of the various TUtility DLLs became  important and a bit confusing. 

Originally there was Paradox 5 for Windows 3.x and WFW. This version for Paradox came with table repair capabilities built in. The table repair functionality was all contained in TUTILITY.DLL. There are two versions of this DLL floating around both with dates earlier than 3/95, one was 170 kb and the other was about 186 kb. These two versions of TUTILITY.DLL are functionally equitant and interchangeable. These DLLs have a serious bug that causes AutoIncrement fields to be renumbered during the table rebuild and so scrambling any associated links.

Starting with Paradox 7 for Windows 3.x and WFW a new TUTILITY.DLL fixes most of  AutoIncrement field problem. The new DLL requires the version of the BDE that shipped with Paradox 7 for Windows 3.x and WFW.

The point is, in order to fix the AutoIncrement problem in you 16 bit Delphi apps you need to upgrade to the latest 16 bit BDE and you also need the latest version of the TUTILITY.DLL. You can find BDE and TUTILITY updates on Borland's web site. The URL is

Note that the location of these files change now and then as Borland re-engineers the site. If you find that these links no longer work please drop me an email..


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